Baby Shower Planning Tips


Baby shower parties have gained popularity in the modern world. There are hundreds of baby shower parties being held every month in the recent days. A baby shower has a variety of meanings some consider the party as a way to celebrate an expectant mother who is almost to give birth or a party held to celebrate the birth or a child, while others term it as a way of welcoming a woman to motherhood. Before you hold a baby shower party, you need some planning. This helps to reduce the chances of encountering some pitfalls during the baby shower party. Here are tips on how to plan for a baby shower party.

Set a budget

To avoid some pitfall during the party day, you need to have a set budget. You need to consider whether you will cater for all expenses during that day, or there will be some contributions from friends and family members. Having a set budget prevents you from overspending during the D-day.

Decide where to hold the party

It’s always recommended to hold a baby shower party in a spacious place. You need to decide whether to hold the party in your house or rent a hall in a restaurant. If you settle on holding the party in a restaurant you need to pick a place which will be convenient for all the guests. You need to consider booking the hall in advance to avoid some inconveniences during the baby shower day.

Set a date

When picking a date for the baby shower party, you need first to consults from the guest, which day was convenient to them. You need to pick a date which most of the guest are comfortable with. You would not want to pick a party day, only for few guests to turn up.

Make a guest list

Making a guest list should be the next important step in baby shower planning. You need to make a list of who to invite; this is helpful when it comes to making other planning, such as budgeting. After you come up with a list of your guests, it’s also advisable to inform them in advance. You can either opt to mail them or call them. You also need to consider requesting them to confirm whether they will attend.

Determine who will host the party with jungle baby shower theme. When planning a baby shower party, you need to plan who will be the host. Will you be the lone host or will you require a co-host to assist you?

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